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Medicaid in Missouri


What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is healthcare access for low-income people who meet certain qualifications.  Some factors include being blind, disabled, having dependents, income, and age.  Medicaid is paid by both the state and federal government.  Check out the Beehive's Medicaid section for some more general information.

In Missouri, Medicaid is also known as MO Healthnet.

How can I find out if I qualify for Medicaid and apply for Medicaid?

Contact the Family Support Division, which can help you find out if you qualify and apply for Medicaid.

You qualify for Medicaid if you are pregnant and up to 60 days after your pregnancy.

You can also go to to take a short questionnaire to see if you qualify

Look for Family Support Division office in Missouri here.  

Here are the offices for Jackson County:

615 East 13th Street
Kansas City MO 64106
Phone: (816) 889-2000
Fax: (816) 889-2008
Income Maintenance Phone: (816) 889-2500
Midtown Office
4900 Swope Parkway
Kansas City MO 64130-2806
Income Maintenance Phone: (816) 929-7100
Income Maintenance Fax: (816) 929-7101
East Jackson Office
201 East Partridge Street
Independence MO 64055
Phone: (816) 325-5800
Income Maintenance Fax: (816) 325-5980
South Jackson Office
6801-B Longview Road
Kansas City MO 64134
Phone: (816) 325-1012
Income Maintenance Fax: (816) 325-1022

You can print and mail (or drop off) this form to a Family Support Division Office.

What services does Medicaid cover? 

In general, these services are covered by Missouri Medicaid: 

  • primary, acute and preventive care;
  • inpatient hospital care;
  • outpatient hospital services, including diagnostic services rendered through a hospital outpatient department or clinic;
  • laboratory and x-ray services when prescribed by a physician, and provided by either physicians, clinics, x-ray facilities, or laboratories;
  • medical equipment and supplies;
  • pharmacy
  • medical transportation.

These services are available for all kids and 21 and over, if the adults are eligible: 

  • physical, occupational and speech therapy ;
  • dental, hearing and vision care ;
  • home and community-based services such as nursing and personal care ;
  • mental health services such as outpatient counseling and inpatient psychiatric treatment 

MO Healthnet will support other services in some situations.  See a full list of services here.

How do I find a doctor or clinic that takes Medicaid?

Contact the Medicaid Recipient Services Unit: 1 (800) 392-2161 (toll-free).

For adults, one of the main providers of care for Medicaid is Truman Medical Center.  Find information on their financial counseling services here.

For children, Children's Mercy Hospital accepts many patients on Medicaid.  Learn about their financial assistance.

Can I get help getting to my doctor's appointment?

Yes! Call the non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) reservation line 1-866-269-5927 to arrange transportation to your doctor's appointment.  Make sure to call more than a day before your appointment.

Medicaid for Families

Families receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) generally qualify for Medicaid services.

Parents who leave welfare for work may receive Medicaid for up to one year. Children’s eligibility is based on family income, age (younger than 18), and citizenship. After one year, depending on the family's income, children may still be eligible for Medicaid.  Learn more at the department of social services website.

MO Healthnet for Kids

MO Healthnet for Kids insures children under the age of 19 in Missouri.  Families with incomes up to 300% of the poverty line qualify to have their children covered.  Check out the Beehive's comprehensive article on who qualifies and how to apply.



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