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Finding a Place to Stay

The Homesharing program can help you find a safe, secure place to live with a limited income.

What is Homesharing?

The mission of Homesharing is to connect people who have an extra room in their house, homeprovider, with people who need a place to stay at low cost, homesharer.
You may want to consider being a homesharer if you are:
  • Student
  • Adult in the midst of career change
  • Single parent
  • Recently divorced or widowed person
  • Working adult or a retired person with a limited income
  • Person with a disability
  • Person in transition seeking a safe, affordable home
Anyone over 18 can become a homesharer. There will be a background check.
The homesharer and the homeprovider come to an agreement. Sometimes this is simply a rent agreement. Sometimes there is less rent in exchange for work such as chores or personal assistance. These will be decided by the needs of both the sharer and provider.

How do to become a homesharer or homeprovider

Contact the homesharing office to get started. There are several ways to do this.
By phone: (816) 410-8346
Online Form: Click here for a form where you can put in your information and Homesharing representative will get back in touch with you.
Visit in person: The homesharing office is located at this address with the Local Investment Commission:
Local Investment Commission
3100 Broadway, Ste 1100

Kansas City, MO 64111 

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